Friday, 25 May 2012

Pictures from the first Vegan Pledge meeting

Thank you to everyone - pledgers and volunteers - who attended the first Vegan Pledge meeting on Sat 19th May. The day was enjoyed by all. The morning consisted of three rotational workshops centred around a cookery demo with Liz Hughes, group discussions with vegan mentors and the Vegan Society's film, Making the Connection. After a superb buffet lunch - including dishes made in the cookery session, salads and loads of yummy cakes - there was a talk from Dr Mike Hooper on vegan health followed by a talk from Johanna Best on vegan nutrition. Robb introduced us to the London vegan social scene and Alex Bourke from Vegetarian Guides finished the day with a slideshow of all the veggie and vegan cafes and restaurants in London. Below is just a small selection of some of the photos taken on the day. Hope to see you all for another great day at the second meeting on Sat 16th June.

Liz Hughes shows a pledger how to make vegan spinach filo parcels

Liz Hughes demonstrating a dish in the cookery workshop

Johanna Best and Dr Mike Hooper answer questions about vegan nutrition and health

Two happy pledgers!

Lunch time!

Pledgers enjoying a range of vegan food 

A pledger helps herself to a cupcake

Volunteers preparing a spread of vegan desserts

Volunteers show the selection of vegan milks on offer

The team that made it all happen.


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