Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Is veganism extreme reasoning?

By Mike, Vegan Pledge Volunteer & longterm vegan

Tell a friend or colleague you are vegetarian, and the response may well consist of a knowing or admiring nod of the head. Inform them of your vegan lifestyle, and quizzical puzzled looks may be the response. In mainstream culture in Britain 2012, the word veganism is still often linked to the word extremism.

When people hear of my vegan lifestyle, their immediate puzzlement is habitually framed by questions wanting to know why I don’t drink cow’s milk or why I don’t eat cheese. Of course the reason I don’t drink cows milk is because my mother isn’t a cow. Similarly, the reason I don’t eat cheese is also because my mother isn’t a cow... or a goat, or a sheep. In fact even calves or kids or lambs don’t eat cheese. 

Image from One Green Planet

Veganism is a lifestyle choice whose essence is compassionThose who wish to see the destruction and cruelty continue still hold the megaphone of public discourse. However, the tide is visibly turning as more and more people embrace veganism as a way to manifest their deep commitment to a more kind and just world.

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