Thursday, 1 March 2012

London Vegan Pledge 2012

Are you interested in trying a vegan diet with some help and support? If so, then sign up for the London Vegan Pledge. 

Once you have been registered you will be invited to two meetings at a venue in central London from 10am - 4pm, one at the start of your pledge month on Saturday 19th May 2012, and one at the end of your vegan month on Saturday 16th June 2012

These informative events include: speakers, films, delicious vegan food, cookery demos, free recipe booklets and basic health and nutrition advice. At the first meeting you will also meet your vegan buddy who will support you during your month. All of this is completely free!

Email us to find out more information or to register your interest in taking the Vegan Pledge.


  1. I am looking forward to meeting the pledgers tomorrow at the first meeting. I will be demonstrating three of my favourite recipes

  2. Thanks for the great workshops Lizzy - yummm!